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1999 Suzuki SRAD 750

SRAD 750 Standard SRAD 750 Tuned

Why is it in?

This Bike is owned and tuned by Wicked Tuning. It is iconic to the Wicked Tuning brand and business. An outright statement that "old-fashioned" motorcycle's can keep up with latest technology driven bikes.

Our Treatment

To improve handling, an Ohlins fully adjustable rear shock was fitted. Handling was further enhanced by upgrading the front suspension with K4 forks and Ohlins internals and dropping forks 40mm through the yolks. Standard steering damper was chucked and replaced by an Ohlins adjustable steering damper.

The stock brake hoses were stripped out and replaced with Venhill braided hoses, with static 5.1 Bel-Ray brake fluid, to improve braking response under hard braking. Dual carbon SBS brake pads were fitted to eliminate brake fade.

PP Tuning rearsets were fitted to put the rider in a more productive riding position.

Speed reading accuracy is corrected by fitting a HealTech SpeedoHealer. A HealTech FI Tuner Pro was fitted to compensate for extra air flow allowed by the K&N air filter and full Yoshimura exhaust system. This bike has 3 stages of ecu mappings for different riding conditions. A Poshfirm D-Restrictor was fitted to eliminate the standard RPM limiter and timing retardation.

Renthal hard anodised lightweight sprockets and chain eliminates drivetrain loss. Carbon fiber clutches were fitted to the engine to deal with higher RPM riding.

NGK Iridium IX high performance spark plugs offer extreme ignitability, improved throttle response and superior anti fouling.

Osram HID's lights up riding at times of poor visibility and Shorty levers provides a more comfortable rider input.

The Result...

We can proudly say that this Bike can keep up with the latest technology driven bikes and more... Our treatment knocked-off 10 years!

Dyno chart of this Bike will be posted soon!!!!

Wicked Performance Tuned